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Purim Food Basket Ideas

Purim celebrates our unity as Jews, our sense of identity that reaches beyond creed and practice.

One way of celebrating purim is by giving 'Mishloach Manot' gifts of food to friends and family.

The only requirements for the baskets are that each one should contain two different, edible food and/or drinks. Other than that, it's a time to let your creativity go wild!

I love gifting and creating beautiful food packages for my freinds and family. Here are some of my inspiration and ideas i have collected. I hope you enjoy them and they inspire you to create your own beautiful food package to be included in the Giving Game.

Chic Breakfast

This classic bread and jam makes the perfect fresh and delicious gift.

Find a pretty ribbon, and wrap it all up or stick it all in a paper bag, and your good to go!


You can never go wrong with a nice drink and some choclolate or sweets.

Find sweets that match the bottle to give a more finished look


Artisinal Basket

Sourdough is all the rage now, and i haven't met any one who doesn't love it.

Pick up a loaf at your favorite bakery and complete the basket with some jars of your favorite codiments


Goodie Bag

A simple paper bag, filled with all your favority goodies is very much in the Purim spirit.

If your feeling extra crafty, add some pompoms and bows for a real festive feel!

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