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The world stands on 3 pillars: 

  • Torah Study

  • Tefillah (Prayer)

  • Tzedakah (Charity) and other Mitzvot (Good Deeds)


Every good deed starts a chain reaction. Strengthen your 3 pillars and spiritually help the world!

TORAH - Inspire yourself with a dive into the depths of Torah wisdom!

Visit the custom Covid-19 Inspiration Portal here, choose your pick of texts, articles, videos and audio classes here, or sign up for our local Crouch End weekly Torah email here! Finally, check out the Events page for future Torah classes going on here in Crouch End, whether virtual or in person!


PRAYER - Turn to the Infinite with your gratitude, needs or insecurities. Enter a deeper dimension - for what is the service of the heart if not Prayer?


Need the Kaddish recited for a yahrtzeit and can't get to a synagogue? Click here to have it done for you!​


TZEDAKAH - Charity saves from death (Talmud). Every Mitzvah we do makes the world more spiritual and peaceful. Take your pick!

  • Tzedakah: Usually translated as charity, the correct meaning is Justice. Giving selflessly is what G-d does for us every day. We are empowered to do the same on His behalf as well. It is our unique privilege! For more on Tzedakah click here.

  • Mezuzah: A Mezuzah not only uplifts the entire home, but gives a form of spiritual protection as well - the original home security. Get a Mezuzah for every door in your home or have your Mezuzot checked by clicking here, and find out more about Mezuzah here.

  • Shabbat Candles: Women and girls, no Mitzvah embodies peace and light as Shabbat Candles! Light them every Friday afternoon before sunset. Find out more here, and find out more about Shabbat in general here.

  • Tefillin: Need a pair of Tefillin? Have a pair but need help putting it on? Get in touch here! Find out more about Tefillin here.

  • Kosher: Why not use the extra time at home to get started on your special Jewish diet - a spiritual health food diet! Find out more here or get in touch here!


Pesach is right around the corner, so take a moment to make sure you're all set!

There's Seder in a Box, Matzah, and selling your Chametz. Check out the Pesach page for more information

Are your kids at home? Why not take the opportunity to teach them Jewish lessons and about the upcoming Jewish Holiday of Passover?

Below are just some of the great resources out there to help you. Have fun!

Passover Fun

Videos, crafts, games and more

Virtual Cheder

Join thousands of kids around the world for a virtual cheder experience


Step-by-step crafts for kids of all ages. This creative mom has done all the leg-work


Cartoons for kid with great Jewish lessons


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