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On Pesach we do not eat nor own any chametz (food incorporating any leavened grain or grain derivatives). Any chametz that will be left in your home, business or property should be sold for the duration of Pesach. After Pesach it is legally returned to you.
Since the sale involves many intricate legalities, a rabbi acts as your agent to sell the chametz before Pesach and to buy it back afterwards. It is best to appoint the rabbi in person, but if need be this online form can suffice.

Please note:

  • All chametz or chametz utensils that are part of the sale should be stored in a taped off area for the duration of Pesach. 

  • This form must be submitted by by Tuesday, 4th April 2023,12:00 PM. If this time is missed, please be in touch directly.

  • We suggest a donation of £18 when you use this service. The money will be go toward the range of Crouch End Chabad activities.


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