We are very excited to once again host inspiring prayer services in Crouch End over the High Holy Days.

Prayer is so much more powerful when done with others, as a community. We welcome you to join us for interactive and uplifting prayer services.

The prayers will be easy to follow even for beginners, with Hebrew- English prayer books and meaningful explanations throughout.

All are welcome regardless of affiliation, background or membership. Prior reservation necessary.

There is no mandatory fee. Donations to bring these and other services to the community are greatly appreciated.

- Kid's programme available, just input your information in the online form! -

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Bring the Shofar home, or to a park near you.

To have someone come and blow the Shofar for you in your home, or for all your friends on your street, please be in touch.

To join us at the park: 
Alexandra Palace Boating Lake (With Tashlich)
Monday, 26 Sept at 5pm

Priory Park:
Next to the fountain (middle lane side)
Tuesday, 27 Sept at 5pm
We invite you to join us for a Community Rosh Hashanah Dinner to welcome in the Jewish New Year. 

The dinner will feature the tastes and traditions of this special holiday along with great food, song, and meaningful holiday nuggets.

There is no charge, though a recommended donation of £25/pp if possible.

Venue will be shared upon booking

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A morning filled with Rosh Hashanah themed

and crafts

Monday and Tuesday: